Life Update: We’re Buying a House!

Not a drill, we’re legit buying a house. For reals.

We’ve been searching since the start of the year haphazardly but we really doubled down at the end of January in hopes that we could find our house and move before our current apartment lease ends this summer.

Luckily, we found our house faster than we anticipated and we close in less than 2 weeks!

While I’m very excited to start dreaming of paint colors, new appliances, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves for all my paperbacks, there’s no denying that my writing has taken a backseat during all this.

A Fierce Debt has been completed and edited through once, but I’d like to go through it again at least one or two more times before I even start thinking about drafting queries. And to be honest, I’m really dreading the querying process. Querying for How to Become a Grown-Ass Woman was so incredibly mentally and emotionally draining…I queried for an entire year and only received rejection after rejection.

Granted, there is a much bigger market out there for fiction and young adult than there is for niche self-help but once you’ve been through the wringer, it’s hard to want to do it all again.

All that said, I’m planning to give myself the time to enjoy prepping the new house and making it ours before I think about sitting down to the metaphorical typewriter again. I’m hoping to work on it more by fall and possibly start contacting agents in winter when we’re all stuck inside anyway.

But this spring and summer are for landscaping, planting my home garden, and enjoying being a homeowner!

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