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9 Etsy Gifts to Get For Writers and Book Lovers

Trust from an actual author and book lover going on 30 years; this is what the people want.

TBR, everything I included on this list I would be 1000% happy to receive myself.

The Writer Tarot Card Sweatshirt or T-shirt

Don’t know who in their right mind would turn down this tarot card/writing mash-up.

“I’m With the Banned” Shirt

We support banned books and if you do too, this is a great gift.

One More Chapter Glass Mug

Tired of basic white mugs? Gift yourself this classy clear glass one.

Custom Book Stamp

Once you’ve felt the sweet sensation of *officially* making a book yours, you’ll never go back.

Vintage Typewriter Cutting Board

The perfect gift for the dual writer-cook in your life.

Old Books Soy Candle

Old books do have a very unique smell so if this candle matches up, I’m impressed.

Typewriter Totebag

Everybody has things to carry. Writers and readers even more so.

“Is That Smut?” Jesus Bookmark

Honestly, you can’t go wrong here. Religious, not religious, doesn’t matter what your giftee is, this belongs in their stocking.

Pen Nib Earrings

I too also like to wear weapon-like things as earrings.

Just an FYI that I’m not getting any money from sharing these items–I just really like Etsy and I like sharing cool gift ideas I come across. (But if an Etsy seller sees this and like, wants to throw cash my way, hit me up.)

Happy holidays, y’all!

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