I Survived #NaNoWriMo22!

Whew, what an insane month.

I had so many other blog posts planned but that fell by the wayside as I tried to keep up with my word count for my project.

AND. I’m happy to report that I finished my #NaNoWriMo novel two days ago at 52,745 words!!!

I’m fairly exhausted from writing now, as you can imagine; especially with having just come off of publishing my first non-fiction book. I’m more than ready to take a break over the holidays and just focus on family, food, and fun.

Although, I will say that I did really enjoy writing “A Fierce Debt,” my first fiction project. I’ve done a lot of creative fiction writing in the past and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy world-building and fleshing out characters.

I really grew to love the characters in my book throughout the month, especially Aislinn and Drystan, the two main protagonists.

Aislinn is a feminist living in a time and place where feminism is starting to sprout wings, but still is challenged by traditional, patriarchal society. She cares deeply for people, despite having a past that should have made her bitter and distrustful. She also has a bit of social anxiety.

Drystan is Robinhood 2.0. He’s a bit morally grey but his intentions are good. He’s a gentleman where it counts and has an understanding of consent in relationships. He’s a bit full of himself, a bit swaggy. But like most of the men I know personally in real life, deep down he’s a big softy who wants to learn and love.

“A Fierce Debt” has the potential, I believe, to become a trilogy but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

If you’d like to read or check out my story, you can view it on Inkitt here: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/990999?preview=true

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