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My Reading List for 2023

Like many people, I participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge every year.

For 2023, I’ve set my goal to finish 50 books by the end of the year. I go through books like a fish through water so I could probably increase it a bit but I want to take it easy on myself, since 2023 is going to be BUSY. This year, I am house-hunting and getting married!

Here is a complete list, by genre, of the books on my Goodreads “To-Read” list:

Highlighted indicates an author that I’ve read previously.


  1. Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin
  2. What Lies Beyond the Veil by Harper L. Woods
  3. A Hunt of Shadows by Elisa Kova
  4. Marrow Charm by Kristin Jacques
  5. The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi
  6. Song of Silver, Flame like Night by Amelie Wen Zhao
  7. A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon
  8. Galatea by Madeline Miller
  9. Wildblood by Lauren Blackwood
  10. Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo
  11. Witch King by Martha Wells


  1. The Ruined Maiden by A.D. Winter


  1. She is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran

Young Adult

  1. Defend the Dawn by Brigid Kemmerer
  2. All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace
  3. Beasts of Prey by Ayana Gray
  4. Beasts of Ruin by Ayanaa Gray
  5. Foxglove by Adalyn Grace
  6. A Light in the Flame by Jennifer Armentrout
  7. A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Cass
  8. Chaos and Flame by Tessa Gratton
  9. Wings Once Cursed and Bound by Piper J. Drake


  1. The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth
  2. Two Truths and a Lie by Meg Mitchell Moore
  3. Anywhere You Run by Wanda Morris
  4. The Villa by Rachel Hawkins
  5. The Family Game by Catherine Steadman
  6. What Have We Done by Alex Finlay
  7. The House Guest by Hank Ryan
  8. All the Dark Places by Terri Parlato
  9. Sisters of the Lost Nation by Nick Medina
  10. Devil in Ohio by Daria Polatin
  11. The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh
  12. I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai


  1. Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey
  2. The Porcelain Moon by Janie Chang
  3. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
  4. Violeta by Isabel Allende
  5. Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman
  6. What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jimenez
  7. Looking for Jane by Heather Marshall
  8. The Half Moon by Mary Beth Keane

Are any of these books on your list for 2023? What books are you excited to read?

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